SDDM Technology - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Are your applications customizable?
A1. Yes, all of our applications can be customized to meet our clients demands.
Q2. How does ePayment work?
A2. For clients that want to pay electorinically simply click on the ePayment Button, Enter the Invoice Number and Invoice Amount Finally click submit..
Q3. Do you provide training on your software?
A3. Yes, we provide training and education on all of our products as well as custom development.
Q4.Do you provide customized mobile development/tablet development?
A4. Yes, we develop mobile applications based on your requirements. Our standard platform is Windows Base Products however we can also develop for Android and iOS products as well.
Q5. What databases do you utilize?
A5. Our products are based on the SQL Server platform however, we have modified our applications to interact with Oracle Databases as well.
Q6. How do we get to the Project Management Site?
A6. Each client is given a link to their specific workspace on our Sharepoint Site. Once you are logged into your workspace you can view our progress or your progress on a particular project.